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What’s the Difference Between a CV and a Resume? What Clinicians Need to Know

Something that commonly comes up in my consultations with physicians who want to enter the world of medical writing is a resume. It's a necessary piece of the nonclinical puzzle. When looking for freelance or employed work, you will need a concise and compelling resume. In my experience, most clinicians only have a curriculum vitae

Interested in Medical Writing? Ask Yourself These Questions First

Over the years, I’ve consulted with several clinicians who want help getting started in medical writing. Some are interested in a side gig, while others are interested in a complete transition out of clinical work. Some are interested in full-time, employed positions, and some would like to start a freelance business. There are lots of

Advice for Attendees of Nonclinical Careers Conferences

Physicians interested in a nonclinical career might be inclined to attend an event or conference to learn more about their options. One of the longest running conferences is hosted by the organization SEAK. For those who aren’t familiar, SEAK is an educational company with a focus on “teaching physicians how to supplement their clinical income

Improving Your Use of Connections on LinkedIn

In my work to help clinicians get into medical writing, I often encourage them to use LinkedIn. The benefits of this platform include networking, searching for jobs, and establishing an online presence. However, I'm finding myself more and more frustrated with LinkedIn these days. Although it's particularly important for nonclinical career seekers, I worry that

Common Questions About Getting Into Medical Writing

Physician readers of this blog know that interest in nonclinical careers and side gigs is at an all-time high. As someone who left clinical practice years ago to pursue medical communications, I’m frequently asked about how to get into medical writing. (You can read more about my transition out of medicine here.) When I

My Transition from Clinical Practice to Medical Writing

Post from Doctor's Crossing (2013) “What?!? Why?!?” These are the two questions I receive (often simultaneously) when I tell someone that I’m no longer practicing medicine. Many other questions and comments usually follow, such as, “But you spent all that time in school and residency…” Ah, yes. All that time. And training. And debt.

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